Lease Return Process at Bill Kidd's Timonium Toyota

Toyota Lease Returns in Baltimore are Made Easy With Us

Are you near the end of your lease term? Toyota makes returning your lease so easy! There are a few options Cockeysville and Owings Mills drivers have when your lease term ends.

Buy Your Leased Vehicle

First, you have the option to buy the car you're currently leasing. Check out your paperwork. Included is a price for the car, no matter how many miles you've currently got on your lease and any wear and tear you might have put on the car. You can opt to purchase the lease if you like the car, often at a lower price than if you found the same car, same mileage, on a preowned parking lot. You'll simply contact your local dealership, and a knowledgeable salesperson can help you to complete any necessary paperwork to finish the process.

Return the Car and Get a New One

Next, Towson and Reisterstown drivers have the option to return the leased car for another lease. You'll get a new car with few or little miles. Toyota also offers a great lease program where we service your lease for one year or up to 20,000 miles, whichever comes first. You'll also have a new warranty. You'll also enjoy ToyotaCare for the life of your lease. You may return your lease to exchange it for a new lease any time after twenty-four months have lapsed in your current lease.

You also have the option to purchase a new car rather than leasing another car.

Return the Leased Vehicle and Walk Away

Finally, you can return the lease and walk away from the contract altogether. You'll need to have the leased vehicle inspected, though. If there is any excessive wear and tear or you have gone over your miles as stated in your lease paperwork, you may need to pay any fees associated with these charges.

The Toyota leasing program has many options for our lessees. Visit Bill Kidd's Timonium Toyota near Bel Air MD today to discuss your leasing options.

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