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How to Avoid a Collision in a Vehicle Emergency in Cockeysville

No one is ready for a vehicle emergency on the road. But, when it happens, you have to know what to do to avoid a collision. A common roadside emergency is a tire blowout. The first thing you need to do is get to a safe place. An emergency lane or grassy area just off the road is ideal.

Once your vehicle is in a safe place turn on your hazard lights to let traffic know your vehicle is disabled. Place flares and triangles around your vehicle to provide better visibility. Place the flares and triangles a good distance from…

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Save Lives by Slowing Down in Cockeysville, MD

According to the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition, 200 workers on the highway lose their lives every single year. There are laws in place to help reduce the number of fatalities on our highways, but many people are simply unaware that they even exist.

These laws are known as the Move Over Laws and should not be ignored. They are the law in all 50 states after all. We here at Bill…

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