How to Avoid a Collision in a Vehicle Emergency in Cockeysville

No one is ready for a vehicle emergency on the road. But, when it happens, you have to know what to do to avoid a collision. A common roadside emergency is a tire blowout. The first thing you need to do is get to a safe place. An emergency lane or grassy area just off the road is ideal.

Once your vehicle is in a safe place turn on your hazard lights to let traffic know your vehicle is disabled. Place flares and triangles around your vehicle to provide better visibility. Place the flares and triangles a good distance from…

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Signs of Alignment Problems

Most cities like Cockeysville, MD have a lot of potholes that can really take their toll on your car's alignment. When a car is out of proper alignment, it is more difficult to drive, and improper alignment will wear down your tires.

Most service centers will check the alignment of your vehicle when you take it in for an oil change. If you notice the signs that your car is out of alignment, you should have it checked right away. A car out of alignment will have uneven tire wear. You will probably also notice that your car is…

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What You Should Do When Your Engine Overheats

Temperatures are on the rise, and that means more and more drivers are dealing with overheated engines. Overheating can do some serious damage to your vehicle and your wallet, so it's best to pull over the second you notice the temperature gauge climbing.

Don't panic if your vehicle starts to overheat. The majority of engines overheat because of low coolant levels. Wait until your vehicle cools down and check the coolant levels. If adding antifreeze doesn't solve the problem, you may have a leak or a clogged radiator, and it's best to consult a professional mechanic…

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Poor Sensors Could Result in Dashboard Lights Coming On

In many vehicles, each tire has a direct pressure sensor inside of it. When the sensor detects that the tire's pressure is too low, a light will appear on the dashboard. In some cases, this means that you need to find a service center and refill it with proper levels.

However, another possibility is that the sensor inside of the tire is faulty. To test the accuracy of the sensor, manually check the pressure inside each of your vehicle's tires. If it shows that they are properly inflated, there is likely an issue with the sensor as opposed…

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The Toyota Tundra Gives You the Basic Safety Features You Seek

You purchase a vehicle because you are looking for something reliable and safe. You are not going to purchase something if it is not going to do a good job of keeping you and your family safe. The Toyota Tundra offers all of the basic safety features that you like to find in a vehicle.

The Toyota Tundra is set up with an anti-lock brake system to help you as you attempt to stop the vehicle. This truck is also set up with Smart Stop Technology as well as Traction Control. The more that you stay in control of your…

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Enjoy the Comfort of the Toyota Camry

Whether you are making a short commute to work or embarking on a long vacation trip across the country, you want your car to be comfortable. Get ready to experience some serious comfort and style when you take a test drive in a Toyota Camry.

Immediately when you slip into the driver's seat of a brand-new Toyota Camry, you will appreciate how conveniently situated the entire driver's space is. From your heated, power-adjustable, leather-trimmed seat, you can easily access all the controls and displays you need. Your rear passengers will also enjoy maximum comfort with individual air vents…

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Share Important Information with Our Online Service Scheduler

If your vehicle is dealing with issues that you would like to have addressed, you need to share those issues with those who will be looking at the vehicle. Our online service scheduler at Bill Kidd’s Toyota helps you share details about any issues that you are facing when it comes to your vehicle.

If you are looking for someone who will understand what is going on with your vehicle and know how to look at it, you should share information about the vehicle's problems through our online service scheduler.

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Save Lives by Slowing Down in Cockeysville, MD

According to the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition, 200 workers on the highway lose their lives every single year. There are laws in place to help reduce the number of fatalities on our highways, but many people are simply unaware that they even exist.

These laws are known as the Move Over Laws and should not be ignored. They are the law in all 50 states after all. We here at Bill…

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Why You Should Invest in Winter Wiper Blades

As winter approaches, many drivers will be faced with worsening driving conditions. Conditions such as icy roads, reduced visibility from snow, and frost buildup on windshields can drastically increase your chances of an automobile accident. By investing in a set of winter wiper blades, you can help keep you and your family safe on the road this holiday season.

Normal windshield wiper blades are rated to move water. In the winter, as water begins to freeze and turn into ice and snow, water becomes denser. In these winter conditions, it's important to have a set of wiper blades that…

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Be Prepared for Your Holiday Road Trip!

If you are one of the many people who get excited just thinking about taking a long road trip with friends or family, then it is important to take a step back and remember to properly prepare before leaving the city of Cockeysville, MD behind.

Bringing your vehicle down to our service center at Bill Kidd’s Toyota is the best way to ensure that all of its maintenance and repair needs are taken care…

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