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Take Care of Your Fluids and Your Car Will Take Care of You

While most people are aware of the basic mechanical needs of their vehicle, they tend to let the fluid maintenance slide. It is the old out of sight, out of mind syndrome. However, your care requires several different fluids to operate effectively.

Have our technicians check the following fluids on a regular basis and to be sure that we keep them topped off as needed:

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Trust Your Toyota Model at a Toyota Service Center

If you had to have work done on your house, would you trust it to some random guy or would you go to a professional company? We imagine you'd go with the professionals and, if we asked that question about your car, we hope you'd say the same! Toyota wants you to trust the best so, when you purchase a TrueStart™ battery from an official Toyota parts and service center, you'll also get a $25 rewards card so you can save on the next thing you need. Take a look below and see what we mean:


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The Toyota Tire Savings Event Makes the Spring Transition Easy!

The snow and ice is melting all over the country and that means two things: spring is nearly here and it's time to change out those winter tires! If your summer or all-season tires are looking a little too smooth for your tastes, then our favorite Japanese automaker has an incredible deal happening right now during the Toyota Tire Savings Event! When you buy three tires for full price, you can get the fourth tire for just one dollar! You'll be rolling with all the traction you need and still have plenty of cash in your pocket.


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