The Toyota Tacoma Keeps Roadside Protection in Mind

Take your sense of security to a new level with the Toyota Tacoma. This renowned midsize pickup truck bestows a lot of extreme safety features that will instill unmatched confidence behind the wheel. For maintaining maximum protection in Cockeysville, you need this dominant ride on your side.

One of the key advancements on display within this automotive revelation is the inception of Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. The preset speed adjustments are incredibly precise and can reach up to 110 mph. By combining the powers of a front-grille-mounted radar with an interior camera, this truck adeptly maintains proper vehicle-to-vehicle spacing at all times.

To certify defensive driving capabilities during a night cruise, you can count on the Automatic High Beams to kick into motion whenever the situation calls for a little more light. To illuminate your perspective on the timeless Tacoma, just see Bill Kidd's Timonium Toyota to organize a test spin showcasing the ultimate safety package.


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