Rolling on a mid-size foundation, the Toyota Tacoma is a popular pickup truck for drivers in Cockeysville who need to handle light-duty jobs on a frequent basis. You can buy the Limited, SR or another reliable trim that's on the latest lineup. The TRD Off-Road model is the best option if you want to take off-road journeys nationwide.

Direct injection is a standard technology in the Tacoma's V6 engine block, which burns regular or premium unleaded gasoline. The 3.5 L powertrain supports a maximum trailer load of 6,800 pounds. You can also haul 1,440 pounds with this robust Toyota truck. By applying optimal braking pressure on each wheel, the Trailer-Sway Control prevents the Tacoma from losing directional balance on twisting paths. You should get the Tow Package to enjoy the benefits of the TSC and other features that are tuned for handling light-duty trailers in the United States of America.



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