If you want a car that is fast and has great handling, you need to experience the Toyota 86 available at Bill Kidd's Toyota. The Toyota 86 has a track-inspired design, and this vehicle is intended for those who can really appreciate a sporty vehicle. The Toyota 86 has a strong engine and a superior suspension.

A sports car needs a powerful engine, and the Toyota 86 certainly doesn't disappoint. This car comes with a 2.0 liter flat-four engine. The engine has horizontal piston movement which adds balance and creates less vibration. Depending on the transmission, the engine produces between 200 and 205 horsepower.

You expect a great ride and superior handling from a sports car. The Toyota 86 has a multi-link rear suspension. This suspension provides a greater level of traction on uneven road surfaces. When you are cornering, the suspension allows the Toyota 86 to grip the road for the best cornering possible.



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