Performance Features You'll Love to Experience With the Highlander

Toyota is one of the automakers that Bill Kidd's Toyota depends on to impress customers. We have seen Toyota impress year after year, and the automaker just introduced the new Highlander, which is one of the most popular SUVs out there because of its many features.

Performance You Can Expect

Good performance features could take driving in Cockeysville to a whole new level, and you can expect that from the new Highlander.

Stop and Start

The stop and start system shuts off your engine and restarts it the moment you let go of the brakes. This allows your vehicle to save more gas per trip. This is great for those who want an eco-friendly vehicle.

All-Wheel Control

The all-wheel control will be helpful if you are ever in a situation where the road gets rough. This dynamic system allows you to have more control so that any off-road situation feels manageable.

These are great features, and you'll probably get used to having them with just one test drive.



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