Look Closely at These Toyota Corolla Safety Features

The crew at Bill Kidd's Toyota knows how important safety is when it comes to buying a vehicle. Here is what makes the Toyota Corolla such a popular compact car.

Here is how the Adaptive Cruise Control feature works in the new Toyota Corolla. Activate the speed control like you would any cruise system, but then the forward-mounted sensors start to scan the road using radar technology to pinpoint a lead vehicle and create a driving buffer that will keep you from rear-ending another vehicle.

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of the Toyota Corolla is that it has a number of systems working to keep you safer on the road. If your vehicle is drifting from the safety of your lane, this is when the Lane-Keeping System takes action. The driver will receive a number of vibrations in the steering wheel to give them the warning to maintain the lane.



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