Toyota’s Concept-I is a car you can relate to

The technology in today’s vehicles can detect things in its path like other cars and pedestrians. It can allow you to see what’s behind you and connect you to the world through your phone. The present is pretty awesome but the future may just be unbelievable.

Take the Toyota Concept-I for example. Through artificial intelligence, the car can get to know its owner, how they drive, what route they like to take and even detect their mood. It takes the car and driver relationship to a whole new level. It can even suggest conversation topics.

Introduced at the CES show in Las Vegas earlier this year, the Concept-I will be powered by an electric motor. Battery capacity and motor output information will be released at a later date.

At Bill Kidd’s Toyota in Cockeysville, MD we are excited about the future of artificial intelligence and what’s to come in vehicle technology. We are also proud of the Toyota Vehicles on our lot right now. Contact our staff and let them help you find one right for you.

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