Spy Photos of Next-Gen Toyota Prius Revealed

The Toyota Prius is an incredible vehicle and completely revolutionized how people view the hybrid vehicle in general. Gorgeous styling, plenty of room, and some of the best gas-mileage on the market, the Prius is a real trendsetter. So when all of us here at Bill Kidd's Toyota, serving the Baltimore area, got our hands on some super-secret spy photos of the next generation model of the car, we couldn't wait to share the details with you. Here is what we know about the 2015 Prius so far.

Captured on the streets of California, the gas-electric was decked out top-to-bottom with a black cover and caps over the wheels. However, the iconic shape of the vehicle is clearly visible though the matting. Last year, we'd heard that the automaker was going to go with a different design for the Prius, inspired by the 2013 NS4 Concept, but if these photos are any indication, that no longer looks to be the case. Or, perhaps, this is a new version of the Prius entirely, set to join the family with the Prius c, Prius v, and Prius Plug-In.

We even got a little peak at what's on the inside, and there seems to be a bit of updating here. The steering wheel has changed to a more stylish three-spoke design and an instrument panel reminiscent of a certain German luxury brand. However, it looks a little rushed and cluttered, a bit makeshift, which leads us to think that the final product of whatever Prius this is will be a bit different after some refining.

Stay tuned to our blog for more information on this next-gen Prius as it comes. For all other concerns and interests, visit our Cockeysville, MD dealership and take a look at what we've got to offer. We'd love to show you around the new Toyota lineup and help you find the car of your dreams.

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